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AravosDiablo III season 10 starts tonight! Ark and I will be playing if anyone is interested.
Thalagos   This weekend has been pretty busy for me, but I;ll see about maybe popping on next weekend
Thalagosposted some pics of my new home, and also my kitchen table which flips to become a poker table
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AravosBunch of us playing a ton of D3 seasonal characters on PC if anyone else wants to join in on the monster crushing. You'll have a max char and good gear in a few hours, easy!
ThalagosStarts on Christmas!
Letterkenny Season 2 - Cold Open
Letterkenny Season 2. Coming to CraveTV Christmas Day. http:...
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Aravos   Haven't watched any yet, but I'm obviously excited! lol
VammpHi Guys! Treb and I are playing Battlefield 1 on the pc if anyone else is playing let us know.
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Arknine   Yo, I am. add me at TorgueDilkington
Vammp   Will Do! Treb and I usually are on most nights when he gets home from work around 1130pm CST.
ThalagosFYI: WE are trying out a new voip called Discord. [link]
The link for our server is:
Let us know when you might be on so we can grant permissions.
Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers
Step up your game with a modern voice & text chat app. Crystal clear voice, multiple server and channel support, mobile apps, and more. Get your free server now!
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Silent_Robotz   registered to Casual Kinship
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Thalagos   welp, i'l be out of state this current weekend to attend a wedding, but I should be on more starting next weekend
Aravos   Wow man, thanks!
ArknineI made a google doc of the Vial of Sands mats for myself since I've been making a lot of them. Thought I'd share it with you guys to use in case anyone wants to get one. My character that can make it is on horde, but I have been thinking about switching it to alliance. In the mean time, we can transfer mats over the AH if anyone wants one made.
Vial of Sands
Sheet1 True Gold( 12), Flask of Titanic Strength( 8), Flask of the Winds( 8), Deepstone Oil( 8), Pyrium-Laced Crystalline Vial, Sands of Time( 8) Volatile Fire( 120), Volatile Life...
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Aravos   ty
TreborlavokSooooooo.... anyone still pop into GW2 at all? Me and Vamp were thinking about redownloading it and checking it out again and possibly grabbing the expansions if we felt inclined.
Treborlavok   did you guys try out the new expansion? i didnt even know they dropped a new class.
Treborlavok   weve been trying to find something new to play but have come up short. BDO was fun for a little while but they brought too much out too fast and destroyed the game balance. NW was fun on xbox for awhile but we had a group of people that lost interest so we kind of stopped playing.
OreoWolf   Heart of Thorns has tons of content for the price tag (raids, huge maps, new class and sub classes), but you'll need to find a few people to play with to enjoy it to the fullest. There is also a pretty big patch happening on the 20th of September. New pvp map and they are setting up the second expansion with the Living World 3 episode.
ThalagosGuess Who Just Entered Escrow!
<this Guy!!!!
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Synic   grats!
Treborlavok   gratz!
ThalagosFYI, Exploding Kittens is an amazing small-party size game
Artik   They have an app that is pretty neat as well.
27 Minutes of YOOKA-LAYLEE Toybox Gameplay
Check out over 27 minutes of hands-on gameplay from Yooka-La...
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