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Guardian Heroes
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A guild is a gathering of friends but what happens when some of those friends move on to play a new game? The answer: The Casual Kinship Gaming Community.

This community is currently composed of two main [MMO] games; WoW and Wildstar but also includes other games such as GW2, ESO, DiabloIII, and League of Legends. We are always in search of new games to play and thus the community is always evolving it's gaming mode. The Casual Kinship community is a way to maintain contact with all of the friends we've made bonds with over the years within the guilds in each of these games. We share a TeamSpeak3 server across the community.

Across all of these games we maintain a casual atmosphere while exploring multiple aspects of them, to include: alt leveling, raiding, pvp, pve, end-game content, and random events to various degrees. Despite being predominantly casual, we are always successful at any endeavor combined with emphasis on having a good time doing it. Thus this is a group formed of mature people, from many places/countries, welcoming all kinds of senses of humor, having a great time gaming.

In each game the guild structures are mirrored with the community structured standard; three guild leaders, and a handful of officers to run things smoothly. Because of this council type leadership it is easy to keep track of any potential problems that may arise and effectively create a drama free environment. That being said, applications to join the community are read thoroughly before admittance, nothing serious is required, but detailed correspondence helps us get to know who is joining and keeps our recruitment consistent with our gaming values. Friends and family of people in the community are always welcome, regardless.

History: It started with the guild Guardian Heroes on the Smolderthorn server of WoW which was founded near the game’s launch and grew to be one of the biggest guilds on the server. The first split began with the launch of SWTOR, where two guild leaders and over 20 people came from the WoW guild to set up shop as Sith under the banner of Unconquerable Fury. Next we had people from both ToR and WoW being playing GW2 on Blackgate as the guild Ionic, this is when we started this community to help integrate successfully from the two games and to help us welcome new people into our gaming circle. During this time we also welcomed the WoW Horde guild from Smolderthorn - Quit Typin' Start Killin', WoW Horde from Blackrock - Mechano Hoggers MC, a group of very skilled players in League of Legends, a community of players formed in DiabloIII, and most recently [with the bulk of people retiring from ToR & GW2] the newest part of the community, Wildstar. Exlie, Guild Enigmatic, on the server Rowsdower. On Jul 29 2014 a group of us merged Guilds with another in Wildstar, adding another awesome bunch of people to our Community. Games keep coming, we keep playing!

If you're interested in applying to any of the games in our community we'd be happy to hear from you.

Thanks for visiting and happy gaming from the Casual Kinship Gaming Community.